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The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future

A Trip to Israel

Hette was on her first visit to Israel and was on a special day tour to Jerusalem. First stop was a big beautiful shul and she said to her guide, "That's really special. How long did it take to build?"
The guide replied, "About five years, madam."
Hette replied, "In my country it would only have taken six months."
They carried on with the tour and arrived at a small settlement. Hette said to the guide, "This is really lovely. How long did they take to build it?"
"About 8 years, madam." he replied.
Hette said (snootily), "Huh, in my country it would have taken less than a year."
Then they arrived at the Wailing Wall. Hette gasped at its size and said to the guide, "Just look at that structure!"
The guide didn't wait for her next comment. He immediately said, "My goodness! I just can't believe it - it wasn't here this morning!"

"Many of the most important issues that Jews think about, often obsessively, are expressed in Jewish humor."

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews